Our goals -
Your dreams

At Fibank Private Banking we work hard, driven by the ambition to protect and grow your wealth - reasonably and consistently. And we have been doing it successfully for more than 20 years.

Our main goal is to help you in managing your assets, so you can make the most of them, and achieve sustainable return on your investments without taking unnecessary risk. Our extensive expertise on major asset classes - bonds, stocks, commodities and currencies - allows us to add value for you in different macroeconomic situations.

The services and opportunities we provide you are based on our long-term experience in banking and investment management, as well as our professional resources and our partnership with leading financial institutions. Fibank’s Private Banking specialists monitor international markets constantly to find attractive opportunities which you can exploit in the best way. Of course, any solution or advice that we offer is fully tailored and adapted to your personal wishes and financial goals.

The biggest advantage for you is the partnership and trust that you build with your private banker. His role is to be your personal financial advisor who knows in details your complex financial needs and supports you whenever you need to make financial decisions of different nature.