Financial Solutions

It is easy
when you work with professionals

You need an investment portfolio that fully meets your personal preferences and goals. Fibank’s Private Banking team consisting of economists and portfolio managers will select suitable products and solutions to build just such an investment portfolio.

We are ready to work with you in the way that is most convenient for you. We offer you the opportunity to actively take the daily investment decisions yourselves, based on our current market insights and recommendations, and in this way to manage your portfolio. But on the other hand we are ready to take full responsibility and manage your assets in the form of discretionary portfolio management.

In the investment world risk is the only constant and there is no method which can guarantee permanent success, nor is there a universal formula that allows us to always win.

The key to long term success in the financial markets is strategic asset allocation and prudent diversification. Fibank’s Private Banking economists develop forecasts and analyzes for the current status and prospects of the global economy. This information allows our portfolio managers to invest in specific asset classes depending on various economic expectations.

The strength of our financial solutions comes from our team work. All products, services and advice that our financial advisors will offer are the result of the combined expertise of specialists from various fields.